Lebanese Art Movies Cinema Filmaking
Including color correction, titling, subtitling and dcp export of the film.
During these 4 months the participants are fully committed and available for this project. Everyone is equally involved in the process.


Jamming with Beirut is what I have been doing all my life since I was born in this city, and so is the case of all the people around me. Who is Beirut? What is Beirut? Besides being a geographically limited piece of land, besides being Israel’s worse neighbor and Syria’s friend or enemy, besides being the Paris of the middle east and the land of 22 sects co-living and co-killing each others…
Who is Beirut? Why did I choose to be born here? Why don’t we have on language? Why don’t be have an identity? Why are we always at war? Why so many things remain unanswered… and while so many things will always remain unanswered i have one question to ask: “why did u choose Beirut?”

I believe we choose and therefore we are not victims.
I believe we choose and therefore we owe it to ourselves to ask questions.
I believe art was born from questions and most of them unanswered.
I believe that cinema, the 7th art, is the tool I chose like many others for researching answers. If our art, like our dreams, can be the “act manqué” that can reveal and clarify our reflection and innate genius, then so be it.
Jamming with Beirut is my quest towards that cinematic, personal yet universal journey and I believe strongly that Lebanon and Lebanese creative forces are in need to ask this question and at least try genuinely passionately and impulsively to make films that “asks”.
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